My Ancient Prayer

Paul prayed words like these over the Colossians thousands of years ago and today I pray them over you and I:

Dear Father, please fill us with the knowledge of your will by giving us wisdom and understanding through the Holy Spirit.

May we live a life that pleases you.  Help us do good works which bear much fruit for your Kingdom.

Guide us, Father, as we grow closer to you.  Please strengthen us with your power and might, giving us great endurance and patience as we run this race of faith.

Thank you, Abba, for adopting us into your Kingdom of light.  We lift our praises to you for rescuing us from the slavery of sin and darkness.  You have bought us and we live eternally in the presence of the Son you love, our Savior, who redeemed our souls.

You are an awesome Father who has listened and answered the prayers of your children for thousands of years.  We know you are listening today.  We love you. 

In the redeeming name of Jesus we pray, 

Everyone agreed and said, “Amen”.

What do you think?

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