Don’t Be Fooled – It’s not OK

Hearing his whispers…..

seeing him move….

recognizing the coincidences that happen all around me are really ‘God-incidences’.   My sensitivity to the movement of the Holy Spirit is a vital part of my daily walk with God.  He shows me what the pieces of the puzzle look like and then I watch him put them into place.  I  try to be aware of him moving around me and open my eyes to what he is orchestrating right in front of me.

This sensitivity to the Holy Spirit has increased as my knowledge of God and my personal relationship with him has grown.  I see him working his purposes out in my world – using every opportunity to love me and bless me.  He is training me as he puts me in many situations which stretch my faith and cause me to ask for wisdom.

This sensitivity to the Holy Spirit also makes me more aware of the things on earth that are not from God –




lack of respect…….

sexual depravity…..

I feel my heart recoiling from these characteristics of Satan which are very alive in our culture.  I can’t stand them.  Satan wins when we give into evil and say its ok for us.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not perfect.  I have struggled and do struggle with a variety of all of these things throughout my life.  But I always knew it was wrong.

It really disturbs me when I see some of Satan’s work being widely accepted within our culture.  I hear people say, ‘it doesn’t hurt anyone so its good’.

No, it’s not good.  It’s not ok.  Participating in and condoning these things degrades the culture we all live in.  It exposes children to these evils way before they are mature enough to correctly deal with these issues – filling their minds with a twisted truth which will haunt them the rest of their lives.  It all gives Satan a bigger foothold in our world as his infectious evil grows.

As my sensitivity towards God increases, all of this gradually bothers me more and more….

and it drives me to continual prayers for the people in the diseased and darkened culture around me.

I lay my world at your feet, Abba, with the knowledge that you hear us, you love us and you want the best for us.  Heal our souls, Father.


What do you think?

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