Fight the Good Fight

I want to fight the good fight.

How about you?

Paul tells Timothy – and you and I today – “Fight the good fight for the true faith.”

To fight this fight well, I have to train.  Training requires planning and then committing to that plan.  Training for true faith has to include Bible study, meeting together with other Christians who are growing in their faith, time alone spent listening to God and regular giving back to God a portion of my time and treasures.

Because I’ve been in training for many years, I have realized that I am ready to fight when I find myself in the ring.  When the lies of this world try to worm their way into my mind, I can fight that battle and win because I know the truth.  It’s engraved on my heart and mind.

When problems surround me and discouragement tries to roll over me, I know my Father God stands beside me, loving and guiding me.  I’ve been in training.

I know who to turn to for strength and encouragement when my day is dark and sad.  God has always been faithful in comforting me – he will do it again.  I know this because I’ve been trained.

When my world exploded and smashed my heart beyond brokenness, I knew God was my anchor and he was going to show the way down this painful road.  He had prepared me so I could stand firm in the midst of the horrible tragedy of my son being killed in the line of duty.

It was all part of my training.

Thank you for teaching me how to fight the good fight, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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