There appears to be no limit to the amount of lies people will tell.   You and I are bombarded by messages and information that are not accurate.  Big lies, small lies, constant lies – none of it is true.

Unfortunately, this is nothing new.  What we are surrounded by today was also happening thousands of years ago when Ezekiel was alive.  At God’s command, Ezekiel spoke up against those who prophesied “out of their own imaginations”.  These liars filled the minds of people around them with things they made up in their heads.  They wanted these lies to be true so they told people what they wanted to hear.

Wow!  Does all of this sound way too familiar?

God is reminding you and me through his Word that he is ‘against’ these liars.  There is only one way for me to accurately discern what is right or wrong, true or false.  I need to compare it to God’s Word.  What does God say about this?  I know what my husband or neighbor or friend on Facebook or even my pastor thinks about this but I need to understand what God thinks.  All of the other opinions don’t matter if they don’t line up with God’s.

I can’t let the bombardment of lies that is coming at me from all directions confuse me.  God has promised me that, if I ask him for wisdom, he will give it to me in abundance.  So I’m regularly asking for wisdom in order to discern God’s truth when I sit down to read the Bible.  I don’t just want know what God says in the Bible, I want to be able to apply it every day to decisions I need to make.

When I sit down with God’s Word in my lap, ready to hear him and understand his guidance, I feel like I am being bombarded by the truth.  The lies become clear.

Thank you, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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