Children of the Light

“Believe in the light,”  Jesus tells us today, “while you have the light.  So you may become children of the light.” (John 12:36).

When I believed in Jesus and put my faith in him as my Savior, I became a Child of the Light because Jesus is the Light of the World.

What does it mean to be a Child of the Light?

Jesus shines his grace and love into my life every day.  He walks beside me, explaining his Word and helping me grow in my understanding of the truth.

When the darkness of the world around me presses in, his hope and strength guide me forward on the right path.  Jesus fills the emptiness inside of me and makes me whole.  He gives me a purpose to press on.  His light shines peace and power into the circumstances of my life which are painful and heartbreaking.

Jesus loves me with an unconditional love that is not found anywhere else on this earth.  I know the end of this story – Jesus has already claimed victory over sin and death – and this truth resonates with my soul.  My ‘forever home’ is not here and I’m especially thankful for that recently with all the craziness and evil and confusion going on around me.

My ‘forever home’ is in heaven.

My heart is already there.

I love you, Jesus.

What do you think?

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