What Happens When It’s All Gone?

Her home was demolished.

Everything she knew was gone.

Her city was burned down by foreigners.

All of her friends and neighbors were killed, only her family was saved.

Things didn’t look good for Rahab.

She and her family were still alive but every one and everything else from her life was gone.  Burned. Demolished.  Now she had to live in the enemy’s camp.  What good could possibly come from this situation?

Well, we know the rest of the story.  Rahab’s name would later show up in the lineage of Jesus!  She was Jesus’ great, great, too many greats to count, grandmother.

God had unbelievable plans for Rahab when he saved her from being destroyed as Jericho burned.  She didn’t know it.  I’m sure there were times as she started up a new life in the camp of her former enemies when she wondered what – if any – good was going to come from this.  Everything that she had known before was gone.

Rahab had no way of knowing that God was going to bless all of creation through her lineage.

I’m just like Rahab.  I have no way of knowing what God is doing as I struggle through the twists and turns of life, trying to figure out how to transition from phase to phase.  Looking back, the pieces often make sense.  But it can be very hard to navigate through the maze of today.

I just don’t know.

But God does.  So I focus on him, trusting him to show me the way one day at a time.  Its often just one step at a time.  Me trying to control the world causes frustration and stress.  Me trying to control even my little space in the world is impossible.

This last 5 years after my son who was a Phoenix Police Officer was killed in the line of duty have made it crystal clear to me that any control I think I have is fake, a lie. My life before Davey was murdered is gone, crushed.  Everything I had known before is forever changed.  I  have ended up in a place I never thought I would be – never wanted to be.

But God is working good things out of the evil that is done.  I am already seeing some of the good things he is doing and I know there will be many more that I will never see.

Like Rahab.

So I will trust you, Abba Father.


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