Psalm 30, 2021

I just can’t stop praising your name, today, Lord! You have lifted my problems and worries off of my shoulders. I called your name and you healed my soul. I used to feel empty and worthless but now you have saved me.

Sing with me, all believers! Praise our Holy God!

God’s anger is focused on the Evil One. Satan is fighting very hard but God has already won the war.

Good news! You and I, the redeemed, have already started our life forever with our Father God.  We are his favorite children!

Yes, we still have struggles and trials while we live on this earth. But, through them all, our Father God walks closely beside us, caring for us and giving us joy.

Most of the time, I feel secure.  I feel like I will never be shaken.

But – sometimes – I feel far away from you, God.  Alone. Afraid. So I cry out to you once again – end my loneliness!  Get rid of my fear! Pour out your grace upon me. Help me, oh Lord.

Yes!  Then you turn my crying into dancing! My sadness disappears and I am filled with joy as I sing your praises!

0 Lord, my God, I will praise you forever!

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