He Always Responds

The next step I’m suppose to take is often not clear.  There are a lot of blind curves on this road I’m on – I can’t see what lies ahead.  I’m usually pretty sure about the final goal but the specific actions God wants me to take to get there are covered in a fog of options, questions, and unknowns.

When I’m in one of these ‘unclear’ spots on my road, I ask for a confirmation from God that I’m on the right path – or not.  And he always either gives me a confirmation or opens up my eyes to a change in direction.

So I know how Gideon is feeling in Judges when he is trying to figure out if he is doing the right thing – for the second time.  “Then Gideon said to God, ‘Do not be angry with me.  Let me make just one more request.  Allow me just one more test with the fleece.”   Judges 6:39.

You and I like to know we are on the right path.  Is this what God wants me to do?  Is this where he wants you to go?

For me, I have decided not to ask God to do a specific ‘sign’ for me.  It feels too much like telling God he has to jump through hoops before I will do something he is wants me to do. Too much like testing God.

I’ve developed my own process of asking God to give me clear guidance sometime today and I will be watching.  When I do this, I try to stay extra aware of anything that could be encouragement from God telling me to “keep going’ or something that opens up my eyes, helping me understand a different direction I should be taking.

This just happened yesterday – I was making a decision about the timing and cost of a trip next year and I asked God to guide my steps.  When I made a reservation, everything looked good until I was notified after it was all done that there was a glitch in the program and that location was no available.  It was no coincidence that happened right after my request to God.  So I’m going to wait and watch and see what door he opens up for me.  I’m sure I’m going to see him move on this in the next couple of weeks.  If I don’t see it by the time I need to make a decision, I’ll ask him to open up my eyes today to what he thinks is best for me and I’ll watch carefully.

I believe my process works because it acknowledges that I know God is always trying to guide me and show me the way.  Asking for a response today also helps me maintain a special awareness of God guiding me in the next 24 hours.

And he always responds.

And then I smile.   Of course he does.

Thank you for your faithfulness, Abba Father.

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