Proverbs 2 – Our Prayer

Dear Father,

We thank you for the understanding you give us as we read your word – your direction feeds our souls. We open our ears to hear your wisdom, we seek understanding.

We call out to you – please give us insight!  We cry aloud for more understanding!

We search for wisdom – it is more precious to us than silver.  It is the hidden treasure of understanding and knowledge of you, dear God.

You are the key to all wisdom, Father.  You give success to us as we seek you.  You shield us as we walk closely with you.  You guard us when we act with integrity and you protect our way when we are faithful.

We desire to know what is right for us – the good path which you have planned out for each one of us.

We ask for wisdom to fill our hearts.  May our souls be complete with the knowledge of you. Please teach us to use discretion as protection and to use our understanding to guard our hearts.

Thank you, dear Father.

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