Don’t Be Afraid

Don’t be discouraged.

Don’t be afraid.

“There is a greater power with us than with him.” 2 Chronicles 32:7.

King Hezekiah said these words to his army thousands of years ago and today God is saying them again to you and to me through his Word.

God is telling us today to ‘be strong and courageous’  because he is the greater power.

Do you need to hear this?  With all the crud and issues swirling around in our culture, I know I need to be reminded.

You and I are being threatened in all areas of our lives – health, finances, spiritually, relationships.  My husband had emergency open-heart bypass surgery last week. He experienced a ‘lethal’ event with his heart and stayed in the hospital until he could have the surgery done.

Many people I talked to about it said how ‘scary’ this must have been. I wasn’t scared. I know God is in control. I know that God has determined each of our last days here on earth and, if last Wednesday had been my husband’s last day, the doctors couldn’t have done anything to help him.

I have put my faith in Jesus so I know that God is with me.

He is for me.

He is fighting my battles.

He is working all things out for my good.  He has a purpose for everything.

He has greater power,

greater love,

and greater forgiveness

than I can ever understand.

There is no reason to be afraid or discouraged.

Thank you, Abba Father.  I needed to be reminded of this again today.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Be Afraid

  1. Bob Ortiz

    Wry true words Judy. Please let Dave know I am praying for his complete recovery. I worked with Dave at deer valley and he and Davey sat in front of us at cardinals games.

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