Right Away

I love this!

I’m on my 11th time reading through the entire Chronological Bible and I missed this detail for the first several years. But God stopped me here a couple of years ago and he has stopped me here every year since then.

“As soon as you began to pray, a word went out, which I have to tell you…” The angel Gabriel said to Daniel. Daniel 9: 23.

Wow!  As soon as Daniel began to pray, God was responding.  Right away.  Daniel hadn’t even finished praying before God was taking action on his request.

Love it!

God is telling you and me that this is still happening today when we pray.  Before I have finished praying, God is moving, responding, orchestrating things for my good – every day, all day. It’s not according to my timeline, though. I might not see him moving, but I trust that he is. I will just keep praying until the issue/problem/pain is resolved.

I realize that the grief and loss I feel since my son’s death will not be going away this side of heaven so I continually ask God for the wisdom and perseverance and obedience I need to keep moving forward with a broken heart until I go to my ‘forever home’.

When I turn to God and pray, recognizing my dependence on him, he takes action.  I don’t need an angel to tell me that God is listening, I have his Word on it.

Thank you for always listening and responding, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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