It Matters to God

God gives Moses specific instruction in Exodus regarding everything from the garments of the priests to how the curtains needed to be woven and hung in the tabernacle to what ingredients to use when making anointing oil.

All of these details mattered to God.Jan 29 2015 a details matter

This gives us an insight into God’s nature.  After reading these pages, I believe that he actually does know the number of hairs on my head.  He really does care about giving me the good parking spot I prayed for on a rainy day or a green light that I asked for when I was running to little late to an appointment.

He cares.Jan 29 2015 details matter b

Reading this also reminds me of his concern for the details of my relationship with him.  He cares about how quickly I obey.  He notices whether my mind and heart are open to his truth.  He is concerned about how much room I give him to live and work in my life.

Is God the King in all of the details of my life?  Or do I pick and choose?

What is your answer to that?