Psalm 71b, 2021

‘As for me, I will always have hope;

I will praise you more and more.”

I can talk about your goodness and your grace all day long, Lord, even though it’s often hard to describe how great you are. I tell everyone I know about you.  I share with them how awesome you are!

All of my life, God, you have taught me your the truth. I know you well and I tell others about how marvelous you are. I am fulfilling my obligation to pass on your truth to the next generation – to those who are coming behind me.

I know you will be walking closely beside me for the rest of my days. 

You are perfect!  Your greatness fills the universe and never ends!  There is no one like you, God!

Yes, I have had bitter trials and troubles in my life.  But you were always there to guide me….

and comfort me….

and restore me.

I will never stop praising your faithfulness, my God! I will sing praise to you! I will shout for joy!

You have saved me and I cannot stop talking about you! No one and nothing can truly harm me when I have you!

Thank you, Abba Father.

How Great!

We are not consumed by our sadness…

or our problems… or the chaos in our world.  Because God is always loving and caring for us.  Great is God’s faithfulness!

One of my special joys in reading through the Bible every year is when I read words that were used in the old famous hymns.  I was raised in a musical, conservative Christian home so these hymns bring back precious memories.

God tells me as I read Lamentations 3 that he will always be faithful to me.  And, as the sun rises each morning, I am reminded of his promises.  His compassions never fail.  He gives me more love and more grace every morning.

He is never late (even though it can sometimes seem that way to me).  He is never tired.  He is never distracted.

Whenever doubts about God enter my mind, all I have to do is look back and it’s easy to see God’s faithfulness to me day after day, year after year.  Even when I wandered, God never left me.  He never stopped loving me and caring for me.

Just like he cares for me today.

And I know I can count on him to love me and care for me all of the rest of the days I walk on this earth…and on into heaven.

Great is your faithfulness, oh God, my Father!

He Always Keeps His Promises

We don’t.

We forget.

We change our minds.

It gets too hard.Jan 6 2016 he always keeps his promises

Circumstances change and now we don’t want to do what we promised.

None of these describe God.


He always keeps his promises.


We read in Genesis 15 about God making a covenant with Abraham (Abram) that he would make him the father of a great nation.  Abraham asks for a sign so Abraham and God go through a ‘seal the deal’ ceremony.

Normally in this ceremony, all of the people making the agreement would walk through a line of carcasses of animals which had been cut in two.  This symbolized a committment of all they owned if they didn’t keep this promise.

So Abraham set up the animals but only God, in the form of a blazing torch, passed through them.

This was a one-sided covenant because God knew Abraham would sin and fail.  It was going to happen.

But God would never fail.

God would make it happen.  And he did make it happen.

Because he always keeps his promises.

Re-reading these historical records of God’s faithfulness brings me peace and security.  God hasn’t changed.

The entire Bible is proof of God’s faithfulness to us. His love for us.  His plan for reconciliation with us.

Its HIStory.

It’s all about you, Abba Father.

Psalm 146, 2014

May 9 2014I praise the Lord!

I praise him with all that I am!

I will praise the Lord until the day I die.

I’ll be singing praises to him for as long as I live….here and in heaven.

We can’t put our trust in people – they can’t save us.  When they die, their lives are over, all of their plans are done.

When we trust in God, we are blessed.  He is our only hope.

God is the creator of everything and he will be faithful to us forever.

He cares about those who are held down and held back by others.  He feeds the hungry.

The Lord sets us free.

He helps us to recognize what is true.

The Lord helps those who are weighed down by problems and sadness.

The Lord loves those who live their lives according to his directions.

The Lord cares for those who don’t belong anywhere.  He is a father to the fatherless and a husband to widows.

He purposely messes up the plans of those who listen to the whispers of the Evil One.

The Lord will be our King forever!  For all generations!

I praise the Lord!