He Always Keeps His Promises

We don’t.

We forget.

We change our minds.

It gets too hard.Jan 6 2016 he always keeps his promises

Circumstances change and now we don’t want to do what we promised.

None of these describe God.


He always keeps his promises.


We read in Genesis 15 about God making a covenant with Abraham (Abram) that he would make him the father of a great nation.  Abraham asks for a sign so Abraham and God go through a ‘seal the deal’ ceremony.

Normally in this ceremony, all of the people making the agreement would walk through a line of carcasses of animals which had been cut in two.  This symbolized a committment of all they owned if they didn’t keep this promise.

So Abraham set up the animals but only God, in the form of a blazing torch, passed through them.

This was a one-sided covenant because God knew Abraham would sin and fail.  It was going to happen.

But God would never fail.

God would make it happen.  And he did make it happen.

Because he always keeps his promises.

Re-reading these historical records of God’s faithfulness brings me peace and security.  God hasn’t changed.

The entire Bible is proof of God’s faithfulness to us. His love for us.  His plan for reconciliation with us.

Its HIStory.

It’s all about you, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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