Not a Democracy

We are blessed to be living in a country ruled by a democracy.   Never before in my lifetime has there been more attacks on our freedom and constitution, but it’s still a democracy.

Personally, I have chosen Jesus to be my Savior and King so I am living in a theocracy.  I pray for our country but my life is secured on my God, the Solid Rock.  He will not be moved or changed.

A theocracy means that it’s all about what God wants.  His desires.  His plans.  His will. His purposes.  In order for God to be the LORD of my life, I have to let go of my plans and desires and be dependent on him as I make decisions about my next steps.  I have to submit my will to his, trusting that his ways are right, his love is perfect and he wants the best for me.

As I read the book of Exodus, it’s amazing to watch God use Moses to transform the Israelites from a nation of slaves into a theocracy.  God himself led the Israelites with a cloud by day and a pillar of fire at night. God fed them by sending manna from heaven.  When God gave them laws and commandments in order to teach them how to live as his people, they responded, “Everything the LORD has said we will do.”  Exodus 24:3

This is the same commitment I have made in order to live in line with God.  Everything God says, I will do.  For me to day that, I have to make the choice each day to take myself off the throne of my life and put God on it.

Each hour.

Of every day.

Please help me make my life a true theocracy, dear Father.



Yes, the truth is that Jesus is the only way to get to Heaven.  But he is standing with his arms wide open to everyone.  His gift of grace is available to all, no exceptions.

The Old Testament is mainly focused on the history of God’s chosen people – the Israelites who became the Jews.  Yet, even in the beginning of the Old Testament, we see evidence of God’s ultimate plan to offer salvation to everyone.  God directs Abraham to circumcise all males in his household, “including those born in your household and bought with your money.” (slaves). “It will be a sign of the covenant between me and you.” God explained. Genesis 17:13

God’s promise to Abraham was that he would bless him and ‘greatly increase your numbers.’   God promised to make Abraham fruitful.  God promised that he would have a unique relationship with Abraham and all of Abraham’s descendants for the generations to come.

This circumcision sign was not limited to Abraham’s blood relatives.  I can imagine that Abraham had male slaves of all sizes and shapes and colors and God clearly indicated that they all had a part in his promise.

They didn’t know but God knew that he was sending his son, Jesus, to save all people who would put their faith in him.  And those people would become Abraham’s children by faith – Children of the Promise.  I’m one of those people and so are you if you have put your faith in Jesus Christ as your Savior.

On a related note – some women get all itchy about ‘men’ being specifically talked to in the Bible.  I’m a female but I’m clear about how God feels about me and I know God is speaking to me, even when the Bible says ‘men’.  I usually substitute ‘mankind’ in my head.  It’s also clear in the New Testament how Jesus respects and appreciates and loves the women in his life.  There’s nothing to get itchy about.

On the subject of circumcision which seems like a totally male thing, God tells us through the Paul in the second chapter of Romans that what God is looking for is an internal circumcision of the spiritual heart of the person who believes.  This circumcision of the heart means we are cut out from the world to love and serve the One True God.

All believers – male and female.

Branded by a heart sold out to God.

Thank you for your gift of grace which is offered to everyone, Abba Father.



Not a Democracy

We are blessed to be living in a country ruled by a democracy.Jan 28 2016 Not a Democracy

Those of us who have chosen to let God be King of our lives are now living in a Theocracy.

It’s all about what God wants.

His desires.

His plans.

His purposes.

How easily we forget that!

If we want God to be Lord of our life, we have to submit our own plans and desires to him.

We have to make the choice each day to take ourselves off the throne of our lives and put God on it.

Each hour.

Of every day.

Please help us make our lives a true theocracy, dear Father.


There is a Purpose

I bet you can relate to this – when something bad happens in my life, I often wonder why this is happening?  What’s the purpose?  I have learned to get very close to God during these times and ride out the storm – not knowing why this had to happen to me.  Then 2 years, 5 years, 15 years later, someone walks into my life who needs to hear about that specific time in my life and how God helped me through it.

It happens all the time.dec 4 2014 a purpose

Paul tells us this is going to happen in 2 Corinthians 1.  We receive comfort from God in our troubles so that we can comfort others.

God has a purpose for everything that he permits to happen to us.  Everything flows through his hands into our lives.

As we learn to trust him more, we can be confident in the knowledge that God is in total control.

God’s got this.

We know God.  He loves us.  He has a plan for us.  He wants the best for us.

All is well.

Thank you, dear Father.

Pointing To Jesus

Oct 23 2014 a pointing to JesusIt’s all about Jesus.

Most of us are involved in Small Group Bible Studies or Discipleship groups or Spiritual Mentoring relationships.  Many of us are leading those groups so we have extra responsibilities and accountabilities for the other people who are involved.

God has made it very clear in his word to us that it’s our responsibility is to point people to Jesus.

It’s not about us, it’s not about how much we like the people in our group, it’s not about who is the best leader of the group.  It’s all about Jesus.

John the Baptist knew this.  In John 1 we read that he and 2 of his disciples saw Jesus passing by and John the Baptist said, “Look, the Lamb of God!” And then John’s disciples decided to go and follow Jesus.

One of these men was Andrew who would become one of Jesus’ inner group of Twelve disciples.  Andrew went to find his brother, Simon Peter, who would become the Rock upon whom Jesus would build his church.  The BIG church – for the whole world.

We can see God’s plan beginning to take shape – because John the Baptist pointed others to Jesus, not to himself.

Later, we will hear that John the Baptist says that Jesus must become more and John himself much become less.

Isn’t that what we’re all called to do?

We love you, dear Jesus!