Do You Feel It?

What does it feel like when God ‘moves’ my heart?

When I understand something I never knew before as I read his Word, I can feel God moving my heart.  When I have an idea or motivation I have never felt before as I read his Word, I know God is moving my heart.  When I see a situation more clearly today as I read his Word, I realize God is moving my heart and giving me insights I never had before.

All of these and more describe experiences I have had as God moves my heart to more closely align with his.

While reading the story of the people of Israel  in the book of Ezra as they prepare to end their exile and go back to resettle Israel, the words, “everyone whose heart God had moved” jump out at me.

God had chosen those who he wanted to go back to rebuild his temple in Jerusalem.  And they knew it.

They felt it.

And they obeyed.

It wasn’t going to be an easy task but they had been picked by God to do something big for him.  So they went.

Because they were listening and watching, they knew when God moved their hearts.  That’s what it takes to hear God and be a part of what he’s doing in our world.

God has a purpose for me today.

He has a purpose for you today.

Please move our hearts, Abba Father.

The Explanation

They did what they wanted, not what God told them to do, and they paid the consequences.

The Israelites rebelled and refused to go into the Promised Land because of the negative report from 10 of the spies who had scouted it out.  They rejected the fact that God said he would give them success in the battle so they could live in this very fertile and beautiful land.  God wanted them to have it.

But they refused.  They were scared.  They disobeyed.

As a result, God tells them that they will wander in the wilderness for 40 years until the last person from this wicked generation has passed away.  The 10 spies who discouraged all of the people were struck with a plague as a result of their disobedience.

So, what do the Israelites do?  NOW they decided they were ready to go into the land.  NOW they disobey again by not listening to God when he says it will be 40 more years.  They think (dangerous words) that they have paid the price for their earlier disobedience and they want to go live in the Promised land.  They totally disregard God’s latest instruction and go fight the Amalekites.  Moses tells them not to go – “The Lord is not with you.”

But they go anyway…and they are defeated.  No surprise there.

Doesn’t this explain a lot of the pain and defeat we see in the world around us?  People doing what they want, ignoring God.  Rejecting God’s direction and going our own ways only to be defeated over and over again.

God has so much more planned for us!  He has a purpose for us.  He wants us to experience a life full of joy.  And he wants to be the leader of our life so he can make all of this happen.

We are more than conquerors with Christ!

Thank you, dear God!

For Such a Time as This

I am always inspired by Queen Esther’s story.  Lots of drama, lots of intrigue but she listens to her Godly Uncle and responds to God’s call upon her life.

God’s calls us to use the gifts and talents he has given us to meet a need in the world around us.

It’s true for all of us who love God.

When I was younger, I thought only pastors and missionaries received a calling from God.  I’m not sure where I got that from because it’s clear throughout the Bible that God calls each believer to faithfully respond to him with a ‘yes’ and fill a need around them.  Its not a vague, general calling – he has a specific need all picked out.

And it’s now.  For such a time as this.

God makes us aware of it at just the right time.  If we’re listening.  If we’re watching what’s going on around us.  If we’re meditating on his word.

As we walk down this path of faith, our callings also change.  We receive a new, ” For such a time as this.”  And then later we get a different “For Such a time as this.”

But there’a always a purpose for us.  When we have nothing else to do here, God brings us home to heaven.

If we’re still breathing, we have a calling, a purpose, something planned out by God for us to do.

For Such a Time as This.