What If?

What if our sin and rebellion showed on the outside?

I’m reading in 1 Chronicles how God gave King Uzziah leprosy because of the king’s unfaithfulness.   Everyone could see the king’s sin.

On second thought, I think our sins also show on the outside.  We don’t have leprosy but some of us have broken relationships that are easy to see.  And these relationships broke because of our lack of forgiveness and patience.

Others of us have very difficult situations on our lives that are no secret and are direct consequences for bad choices we made.

Many of us have anger and frustration because of our selfishness and lack of self-control.  Those of us who ignore God or fail to live our life by faith, can be filled with fear because we trust other things like money, careers and relationships to give us security.  This stresses us out because we know – deep inside – that these things are not secure.

Yep – all of this shows on the outside.

But it begins on the inside  – with our heart.  That’s why God starts his transformation on the inside.

God has brought his love and light and truth and grace into my heart – transforming me one step at a time.  And – gradually – it begins to show on the outside.

God wants to do the same transformation for you –

will you let him?

Thank you for your transforming love and grace, Abba Father.

I Know

I have read.

And studied.

And memorized God’s word.

I know about God’s relationship with humans since the beginning and I understand the promises he has made to those who trust in him for our future.

I know that God has been very clear that my first priority is to love God and love others.  Period.  End of story.  Everything in this world fits into one of those two categories.

So I know.

I know what God wants me to do today – and tomorrow.  I know how God wants me to act.

God reminds me as I read Daniel’s discussion with King Belshazzar that I know all these things and God expects me to let his truth change how I think, what I say and how I act.

Daniel told the King the he knew all about God but the King did not honor “the God who holds in his hand your life and all of your ways.”  As a result – that very night – the king was killed.

I know all about God as well.  And I need to let God transform me and my life through this knowledge.  This is not a Christmas and Easter or just Sunday thing.  God’s truth should to be evident in my life today – and every day.

Because I know.

Please transform me through your truth, Abba Father.

On the Inside

It’s whats on the inside that counts.

We can make ourselves look good and nice and religious on the outside.

But that doesn’t count unless we are letting God mold us and change us on the inside.

When we submit our hearts and minds to God, he will transform them.  Eventually, his redeeming power working in our lives will start to show on the outside.  What people see will be different.

Because we’re becoming more like Him on the inside.

This is why, in Joel 2, the Prophet Joel told the lukewarm people of Judah to ‘rend your heart and not your garments.’June 13 2016 on the inside

They needed to genuinely give their hearts back to God – not just make a big show of tearing their clothes and weeping loudly in the temple.

God called them to rend their hearts – break open their hearts – and let him back in.

Then the transformation can happen.

God asks us to do the same today.  He wants us to open up our hearts to him and let his light shine in our lives.  To mold us.  To change us.

And we can choose to do this.


What are you going to choose?

We love you, Abba Father.

Bad Intentions

Other people with bad intentions often cause us harm.

It happens to all of us.Jan 21 2015 bad intentions.

But wait!

God has promised us that he has plans for a great future for us.

He is omnipotent.

Everything that touches our lives has gone through his hands.

He can stop anything.  But sometimes he doesn’t.

Is it possible that, like with Joseph, God can use the bad things that happen in our lives to accomplish good?

Do we believe that?

Do we trust him enough to face every bad situation in our lives with the certainty that God will use it for good?

Can we wait patiently for the good outcome?

Can we walk through the dark times with our eyes focused on the Light?

Joseph’s brothers intended to kill Joseph.

And God transformed that situation by making Joseph a blessing to all of Egypt.

What people intended for bad, God used for good to accomplish what he wanted.

I believe God can and already has done this in the dark times of my life.

What do you believe?

Please help us trust you, Abba Father.