What If?

What if our sin and rebellion showed on the outside?

I’m reading in 2 Chronicles that King Uzziah became unfaithful to God and there was a visual consequence.  “King Uzziah had leprosy until the day he died.  He lived in a separate house – leprous and banned from the temple of the Lord.” verse 21.  Everyone could see result of the king’s sin.

On second thought, I think many of our sins also show on the outside.  We don’t have leprosy but some of us have broken relationships that are easy to see.  Did these relationships break because of our lack of forgiveness and patience?

Others of us have very difficult financial situations on our lives that are no secret to those around us and are direct consequences of putting ‘things’ in front of God on our list of priorities.

Many of us struggle with very visible anger and frustration because of our selfishness and lack of self-control.

Those of us who ignore God and fail to live our life by faith, can be filled with fear because we trust other things like money, careers and relationships to give us security.  This stress is visible in our lives because we know – deep inside – that none of these things are secure.

Yep – all of this shows on the outside.

But it begins on the inside  – with our heart.  That’s why God starts his transformation on the inside.

God has brought his love and light and truth and grace into my heart – transforming me one step at a time.  And I’ve noticed that- gradually – the change happening on the inside starts to show on the outside.

God wants to do the same transformation for you –

will you let him?

Thank you for your transforming love and grace, Abba Father.

What do you think?

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