The Things I Didn’t Do

I don’t always take the opportunity to share my story about what God has done in my life with a friend.

I don’t always help others like God asks me to do – sometimes I’m too focused on my own to-do list.

I don’t always give God all the credit when his blessings are so evident in my life.

These are all things I should be doing but I don’t always do.

God calls these ‘sins of omission’ in his Word. “They must make restitution for what they failed to do in regard to the holy things.” Leviticus 5:16.

This verse is talking about the laws God gave the Israelites about how to take care of the Tent of Meeting and the various offerings they were supposed to make.  We no longer have all those laws – 

but you and I still have sins of omission.  These are things that God wanted us to do but we didn’t do.  Things God wanted us to say but we didn’t say.

We get lazy.  We are afraid of what people will think.  We get distracted.

We fill up our calendars with all kinds of things and there is no more room for God.  We don’t spend any time reading his word, talking with him, worshipping him.

Sins of omission.

When I put my faith in Jesus who paid the price for all of my sin for all time on the cross, I no longer needed to make the restitution that this verse speaks about.  This Journey Toward the Truth is about letting God transform my heart and mind so I gradually become more like Christ.  Out of gratitude for what God has done in my life, I want to avoid both types of sins – what I do that is wrong and what I should do but don’t do.

I have found, as I grow closer to God, I hear his voice more clearly and doing what he wants me to do has become easier.   As I listen with my heart and mind open to the Holy Spirit, I’m getting better at saying what he wants me to say and doing what he wants me to do.

As a result, regrets for what I don’t do are few and my joys for keeping in step with God each day are many.

Thank you, Abba Father.