Use It!

What do we already have?

A car?

A house?



Passions like sports, food, teaching and mentoring, or music?

God asks us to use whatever we have to serve him and grow his kingdom here on earth.  So how does this apply to me?

My house is used for a small group Bible study.  It is also used sometimes for meetings about the Women’s Ministry I serve in.

My car has been used to bring neighbors and friends to church activities.  It is also used to pick up women I am mentoring as we go have lunch and talk and grow our faith.

God gave me an education and experience so I could have a great career.  I use those same assets as I serve in church.

God gave me passions for teaching and mentoring and music and he has given me opportunities to serve him in all of those areas.

During the discussion at Moses’ burning bush, God told Moses to go to the elders of what-is-in-your-handIsrael and tell them that God was going to bring them out of the misery in Egypt.  Then the elders were supposed to go with Moses to ask Pharoah to release the Israelites for 3 days to go into the desert to worship God.  Moses replied, “What if they don’t believe me?”

And God said, ” What is in your hand?”

Moses already had the tools, experience and passion he needed to obey God.  He just needed to use them.

Moses had his staff in his hand and, when he threw it on the ground, God turned into a snake.  I would believe God was in the middle of what was going on if I saw that, wouldn’t you?

Just like he did with Moses, God intends to  use what he has already given me for his purposes.

He intends to use what he has already given you to help grow your faith and  to grow his kingdom here on earth.

God is asking us, “What is in your hand?”

Thank you for all of the things you have already given us, Abba Father.

When do We Retire?

I’ve often heard pastors say that we never retire from serving God.  And that’s true – we don’t read anything in God’s words that tells us we are ever too old to serve him, to fulfill the reason why we are here.  The fact that we’re still alive proves he still has a purpose for us.

But that purpose changes.Feb 4 2016 It's time to retire

In Numbers 8, God tells Moses that the men must retire from their work in the Tent of Meeting at the age of 50.  That was actually pretty young back when people lived a lot longer than today.  After the men retire, they are to assist their younger brothers who are actually doing the work.

The torch of leadership needs to be passed on to the next generation.  And the older, wiser crowd still works by teaching, mentoring and encouraging those who are now leading.

The responsibilities are passed on to the younger generation.

Some churches really struggle with this.  Because the older crowd doesn’t want to give up control.  They want everything to be like it has been for the last 30 years.

And the younger generation just isn’t going to do that.  They are going to change things!

So the older generation fails to hand over the baton and the younger generation leaves to go to another church or maybe stops going to church at all because there is no place open to them where they can use their strengths to serve God and grow their faith.

This discussion of retiring in order to reach out a hand to others who are leading and learning resonates with me because this is what God has been doing in my life these last several years.  He has changed my purpose within my church family to assisting my brothers and sisters in deepening their faith and growing in their spiritual leadership.

To encourage.

To challenge.

But not to hold the torch myself.

From my perspective, its easy to see that God’s plan in Numbers 8 works very well.

When we listen.

When we obey.

We love you, Abba Father.