You are an everlasting God!

We praise you!  You created the earth and everything on it.

We know you don’t get tired, dear Father.

We know that we can never understand everything about you.July 12 2015 hope in the Lord

We know that you give us strength when we are weary.

We feel your power moving inside of us when we are weak.

Sometimes, we get worn out and we stumble and then we fall.

But our faith in you, Lord, gives us the ability to look forward to tomorrow – it’s going to be good because you are already there.

You give us the power to dream big dreams because everything is possible with you.

You give us the self-discipline to obey you even when it doesn’t make sense because we know you always want the best for us.

Blessed by you, we will run this race of faith with perseverence, not getting tired, never giving up.

Blessed by you, we will take our next step of faith and then the next one and then the next, into the future you have prepared for us.

Blessed by you.

Thank you, Abba Father.

Where Do I Find My Strength?

Our to-do lists are long.

And they keep growing.march 10 2015 where is my strength

There are so many challenges ahead.  It can be overwhelming.

Where do we find the strength?

Joshua must have felt completely overwhelmed when Moses turned over leadership of the Israelites to him.  He was going to have to lead them into battle – over and over – in order to claim the Promised Land.  They could see the Promised Land.  They could also see the fortified cities that were already there and the crowds of people who inhabited them.

The book of Joshua begins with God giving instructions to this new, young leader.  ‘Be strong and courageous’.  God repeats this phrase three times in his first set of instructions to Joshua.

3 times.

Why?  Because Joshua was going to have to remember that he needed God’s help to do this.  This was way too big of a mission to try to pull off on his own.  Joshua by himself is not strong enough for what he is going to have to do.  Joshua by himself is not brave enough to face the challenges that lie ahead for the Israelites. So God is telling Joshua what he will give Joshua strength and courage – as long as Joshua depends on God.

God is telling us the same thing today as we read his words.  He will give us strength and courage for the journey we are on – the purpose we are here to fulfill.

We can be strong –  it comes from God.

We can have courage – God has our back.  There is no reason to be afraid.

We find strength and courage when we’re living close to God.

Listening and obeying.

Thank you, Abba Father.

Think About It…..

Consider it…..

Give it careful thought.

This is the direction given by God to the Israelites about their priorities.  They had been very busy building nice houses for themselves and they had put off rebuilding God’s temple.Sept 26 2014 Think about it

The temple continued to lay in ruins while the Israelites went about their normal lives.

They were planting a lot but only harvesting a little.

They were eating, but they were never full.

They drank, but it was never enough.

They put on clothes, but they were never warm.

They were earning money, but it immediately disappeared into a purse full of holes.

God was telling them that he was withholding his blessings from them because their priorities weren’t right.

What about us?

Is it time to re-evaluate our priorities to make sure they are matching up to God’s?

Are we experiencing all of the blessings God has for us?

* Contentment because what God has already given us is enough?

* Fulfillment because we know we are busy completing God’s purpose for our lives?

* Peace because we have given God control over our lives and we’re trusting him?

* Joy because we are experiencing the love God has for us every day?

* Strength for each day and every situation because our lives are built on our Solid Rock?

God has these blessings along with a storehouse more, just waiting for us.

We thank you for your abundant blessings, dear Father!