By His Wounds, We Are Healed

Over 700 years before Jesus’ birth, Isaiah prophesized that:

* He would not come like a majestic king.ftdDSC_0523

* He would be rejected by people.

*  He would be a man who knew suffering.

*  Others would look down on him, they would despise him.

*  Yet, he would bear our sins.

*  He would be crushed because of our lies and rebellion.

*  He would be wounded for us so that we could find peace and healing.ftdDSC_0505

* He would not open his mouth as he was led to his own slaughter.

*  No one would protest.

* After the Messiah suffered, he would come back to life bringing salvation to many.

Isaiah was so right.

And we are so blessed!

Thank you, dear Jesus!ftdDSC_0549

A Star

God had a plan for our redemption right from the beginning.

The Israelites had not reached the Promised Land when Balaam shared a prophecy about a coming Messiah….

A star from Jacob

who will conquer all of their enemies.Feb 11 2014

Balaam also said, ” I see him, but not now.

I behold him, but not near.”

How blessed we are to live in a time where we have the Holy Spirit living inside of us!  We can witness the power of the Holy Spirit living in us – we feel his presence. 

We ‘behold’ him and he is very near in our hearts and in our minds.

The Messiah has come!  He lives inside of us today!

Thank you, dear God!