These Mountains are Moving

“By your faith”.

God pointed out to me this morning how often these words came out of Jesus’ mouth when he was here on earth.  “By your faith” pops up all through the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.

Jesus is telling you and I today that faith is what matters.  I define faith as believing in God and putting my trust in him on an hourly, daily basis – not just on Sundays.

In Matthew, the disciples tried to drive a demon out of an epileptic boy but nothing happened.  Jesus walked up, commanded the demon to leave and it immediately screeched as it left the boy. Then Jesus told the disciples that they were unable to make the demon leave because they had ‘too little faith’.  Jesus goes on to say “if you have faith as small as a mustard seed, you can say to this mountain, ‘move from here to there’ and it will move.” (Matt 17:20)

I need to be reminded of this today.  Do you need to hear this, too?  There are some mountains in my life that need to move and Jesus is telling me that, through faith in God, nothing is impossible.

I believe this.  I’ve experienced this.  I know it is true.

Dear Father, I trust that you are going to move mountains through my faith in you.  Amen.

I Have to Believe

I have to trust.

Otherwise I’ll act like the Israelites as they wandered around in the desert.  Whining. Stubborn.  Forgetting all the things God had already done for them.  Showing no gratitude for how God was currently leading them and providing for them.

I don’t want to be like them.

It’s a fact that I have even less excuse for this kind of bad behavior than they did because, as a believer living under the New Covenant, I have the Spirit of God living in me.  They didn’t have the Holy Spirit.

Yes, I have the Holy Spirit, but if I don’t trust in the love and grace of God, I will be just like them.  If I don’t let God lead me and fight my battles for me, I will cut myself off from his blessings just like they did.

If I forget how faithful God has been to me all of my life, I will become a bitter grumbler just like them.

I’m not going to do that.  I choose to believe, trust and put my faith in the One True God, Creator of the Universe.

What do you choose?

I love you, Abba Father.


The Wind Blows Against Me

There are days,

and seasons,

and years,

when the wind blows against me.

And it blows against you.

These are times of questions and struggle.  It’s hard to move forward when the winds of tough circumstances and tragic change and roller-coaster emotions blow forcefully against me.

So I can relate when I read the story in Matthew of the disciples straining at the oars of their boat as the wind blew against them and the waters of the Sea of Galilee grew stormy.

I know how it feels to be trying to push forward through rough waters…

against growing waves….

trying to at least maintain the progress I’ve made so far….

knowing forward movement is going to be extremely difficult.

Do you know that feeling, too?

Then I am reminded as I read God’s word, that I need to look up –

above the waves.

Because when the disciples looked up, they saw Jesus.  The Creator of the wind and waves walked out to them – giving them courage in the middle of the storm.

Jesus challenged Peter to show his faith by stepping out of the boat.  Do you notice that Jesus didn’t calm the storm?  It’s all still whipping around Peter when Jesus asks him to step out in faith.

What a big difference from my frequent prayers to calm the storms!  Calming them is often not his plan.  Instead, he comes to me in the midst of the wind and rain to challenge my faith – asking me to grow my trust and step out of the boat right into the storm where I need to count on him even more for guidance and protection.

Its hard not to focus on the waves,

and on the wind as it blows against me.

What are you focused on today?

Please help us lift our eyes and focus on you, Abba Father.

The Plan is Unfolding

And I have to wait for it.

God reveals one step of the plan at a time.  He knows the whole plan but he also knows that I can only handle one step at a time.  He knows you and he knows you can only handle one step at a time.

So my job is discern the small part of the plan that God has revealed to me today and do that.

While trusting him about tomorrow.

In Psalm 106, God tells us that the Israelites did not wait for his plan to unfold in the wilderness as they journeyed to the Promised Land.  They gave into grumbling and complaining.  They tested God by craving other things and he gave them what they asked for.  Their choices brought pain and death.

They did not wait and watch.  They did not obey and do what God had told them to do today.

Waiting isn’t easy.

Being obedient with the things he has told me to do today without worrying about tomorrow is not easy.

Trusting him with it all is not easy.

That’s why I need to focus.  I need to persevere.  All of my energy and concern needs to be used in being obedient today – knowing God’s got tomorrow and he will reveal the next step when its the right time.

God never promised me that this journey would be easy.  But he has promised that he is always beside me giving me strength and wisdom and peace as I wait for the rest of his plan to unfold.

I trust you, Abba Father. 

Sword Fighting Class – A Favorite Truth

Its truly supernatural.  We are memorizing Proverbs 3 together and, as we faithfully review these scriptures everyday, God is writing them on our minds.  Such a great way to experience him working in our lives!

 My child, do not forget my teachings but keep my commands in your heart for they will prolong your life many years and bring you prosperity.Proverbs 2 -13-3-11

Let love and faithfulness never leave you, bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Then you will win favor and a good name in the sight of God and man.”

Today we add some very popular verses that you may have already memorized at one time.  One of the blessings I am experiencing by memorizing whole chapters is really seeing the context of verses like this – what God is saying in the verses before it and after it:

Trust in the Lord with all of your might and lean not on your own undertanding.  In all your ways acknowledge him and he will make your paths straight.”

This is such an awesome verse.  So much wisdom!

Trust with all my might!  What does that look like in my life?

Don’t make decisions based just on what I already know, my own wisdom and knowledge – what does that look like?

Always acknowledge him – I think that answers my last question 🙂

If I always check in with God, trusting him in all situations, constantly keeping my eyes on what he has told me and where he is leading me, I will be walking down the right path.

Thank you for how clear your directions are in your Word, Abba Father.

Audio file of my memorization of Proverbs 3 so far: