A Lot of Seeds

It’s why we’re still here.  Why God hasn’t taken us home yet.  We’re here to plant seeds of God’s truth where ever we go each day.  With each person we talk with.

Any chance we get.November 22 2015 Lots of seeds

As we read about the exciting, exponential growth of the number of Christ-followers in Acts, what we’re seeing is the seeds that Jesus planted starting to sprout.

Lots of seeds.

Jesus had committed 3 years of his life to planting seeds of grace and truth and love.

And the stories had spread.

The seeds were watered by God.

And now, we start reading about the results.

In Acts 6, we read that a large number of priests became obedient to the faith.  The religious community was also turning toward the light.  These were the same people who yelled, “Crucify him.”

But the Truth had changed them.  The Holy Spirit had opened their eyes.

And the seeds sprouted.

As believers, we are commissioned to plant seeds in our sphere of influence.  Today and everyday.

Lots of seeds.

Please help us obey, Abba Father.