A Lot of Seeds

It’s why we’re still here.  Why God hasn’t taken us home yet.  We’re here to plant seeds of God’s truth where ever we go each day.  With each person we talk with.

Any chance we get.November 22 2015 Lots of seeds

As we read about the exciting, exponential growth of the number of Christ-followers in Acts, what we’re seeing is the seeds that Jesus planted starting to sprout.

Lots of seeds.

Jesus had committed 3 years of his life to planting seeds of grace and truth and love.

And the stories had spread.

The seeds were watered by God.

And now, we start reading about the results.

In Acts 6, we read that a large number of priests became obedient to the faith.  The religious community was also turning toward the light.  These were the same people who yelled, “Crucify him.”

But the Truth had changed them.  The Holy Spirit had opened their eyes.

And the seeds sprouted.

As believers, we are commissioned to plant seeds in our sphere of influence.  Today and everyday.

Lots of seeds.

Please help us obey, Abba Father.

4 thoughts on “A Lot of Seeds

  1. I think that’s what we are supposed to do is plant seeds yet some Christians or those who have a relationship with God through Jesus Christ sometimes think they are the Holy Spirit or try to do God’s job for Him. Often that leads to the “bible beating” of others and overlooking the good in everybody. Those that yelled crucify Him came to the Lord and He knew their hearts even though they wanted to see Him die but Christ still loved them despite of all that. In today’s world unconditional love is gone out the window and I firmly believe that just sharing the word isn’t enough…it’s good but not enough. Not only should we share God’s word we should demonstrate it through unconditional love and forgiveness. Looking past peoples flaws and sins such as a family member nobody can stand or a neighbor no one likes we could demonstrate His love by sharing a meal by knocking on the door and offering a plate of food in the name of Jesus. Or getting a greeting card to inspire and encourage that person that they really do matter. This opens the door to share God’s word and plant seeds. That’s what I think…

    1. I agree, Alvin. We are called to show God’s love to the world. And we show that in our actions and our words. Actions alone just make us a ‘good person’. Words alone often make us a hypocrite. They will know we are Christians by our love. Thanks for the reminder!

      1. You’re welcome and I appreciate your blog and look forward to many more of your good and Godly posts as we learn from one another and edify each other in Christ Jesus and study God’s word together via your posts. 🙂

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