Paid to Study the Bible

Every good thing on earth comes from God.
Several years ago this was highlighted to me when the company I work with invested a large amount of money in a manadatory character-building workshop for everyone. It included two entire days of discussions and sharing ideas of values and character issues.  A huge investment.

Every ‘truth’ they shared during this workshop was based on scripture. I know now that I shouldn’t have been surprised but I was slightly shocked back then.
Those of us in the crowd who were Christ-followers recognized it right away and really enjoyed being paid for 2 days of Bible study and application!  One of my peers who was also attending seminary actually found the scriptures that were the foundation of every ‘key point’ that was made.
I don’t work for a Christian company. I’m sure it wasn’t their intent to pay everyone to study the truths found in God’s word.
But it’s the only truth available.
Because all good things come from God.

What do you think?

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