The Tale of Two Trees

In Matthew 13, Jesus tells us the great parable of the Farmer sowing seeds and what happens to those seeds.  We see examples of these various results of sowing everywhere we look – even in my back yard.

We have lived in our current home for almost a year and, when we moved in, we had 2 little new trees in the backyard.
One died and we took it out.  Its roots never dug in so it didn’t get fed and it withered away.
The other little tree is green and straight and looking good.  A small sign is still on it telling us it’s an orange tree. That’s good to know because there’s no fruit growing….yet.
God is feeding this little tree with sunshine and rain. (We’re helping a little with a water drip since we live in the desert.) It hasn’t noticeably grown but we know by looking at its beautiful, little green leaves that its roots are stretching down into the ground building a firm foundation. This has to happen first before we’ll actually see the growth above ground and the eventual fruit. All of the potential for an abundant harvest is there, it’s just going to take some time of feeding and growth.
Just like us – our roots grow every day as we open the Word of God and we let him feed us. We are opening up our minds and hearts so God can firm up our foundations, make us strong in the knowledge of him and bring on the fruit.

For those of us who have been already been on this journey for awhile ( and our trunks are somewhat thicker: ), we are looking for new fruit and a fresh harvest.

If we stay faithful, a year from now we will see growth.
I’m going to keep the picture and do a comparison next year. I wonder if there will be any tiny oranges by then?

What do you think?

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