What do I Believe?

Jesus did only a few miracles in his hometown because of their unbelief.

I think of this scripture everytime I hear someone ask whether Jesus still does miracles today.  Jesus hasn’t changed, he doesn’t change.  We see the same general issues of illness and sin and satanic activity today that Jesus addressed with his miracles in the New Testament.  If we are seeing less miracles, maybe its a matter of unbelief?

Or maybe we need to get better at recognizing miracles when they happen.  When you have prayed for friends who are far away from God and they suddenly start asking you questions about Jesus – that’s a miracle.  Whenever people ask questions about God or religion – you know he is at work.  Its a good thing even if the questions are asked in anger or frustration.   It’s a start.  Something is happening.  And they are coming to you because they know you know God.  They have seen something in your life that makes them think of God so they are seeking you out.

Its just like the four friends in the Bible who brought their crippled friend to Jesus. The crowd didn’t stop them.  They made a hole in the roof and lowered him down so that Jesus could heal him.  They believed and Jesus honored that belief.

We see it over and over in the Bible.  Jesus tells person after person that they have seen this miracle in their life because of their faith.  When we open our believing eyes, we will see all kinds of miraculous things Jesus is doing right here, right now.

What do you think?

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