A Supernatural Team!

Exodus 17 tells us that the warriors of Amalek attacked the Israelites and Joshua took his army out to fight them.  While they fought, Moses stood on top of the hill holding the staff of God up in the air.

As long as Moses’ arms staying in the air, the Israelites were winning.  When his arms got tired and Moses dropped his hands down, the army would start to lose.  When Moses could no longer hold his arms up, Aaron and Hur stood beside him and held up his hands for him.  As a result, Joshua’s army won the battle.

Together they did something that they could not have done alone.

I know from my own experience that this is why God gives us people who walk our journey of faith with us.  There will be things he will ask us to do that we won’t be able to do by ourselves – we’ll need a team.  There will be events in our lives that shake us and we’ll need a team to help hold us steady upon our Rock.    Anybody who really wants to grow their relationship with God needs to be a part of a Bible Study group.  They become your team and God uses this team to bless you, to challenge you and to develop your walk with him.

I have blessed by participating in LOTs of different Bible study groups and one of the anchors in my life is a group that’s been meeting for over 13 years at 6 am on Thursday mornings.  Thank you, dear Father, for giving me people to take this journey of faith with!

What do you think?

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