The Answer to all of Life’s Questions

The Book of Mark starts off with the ‘Good News about Jesus the Messiah, the Son of God’.
I forget sometimes how blessed I am to have a personal relationship with the ‘Good News’.  I never realized how much the Good News really changed the way I view everything until my husband and I got involved with Apartment Life Ministry. We lived in an apartment complex and we cared for our neighbors. We shared our faith with them most often in actions and listening instead of testimonies. As I listened to them describe their issues and their problems and the hurts in their lives, I had a new understanding of how Jesus really is the Good News. He was the answer to all of their questions. A relationship with him was the piece that was missing in every one of their dilemas.
We were truly blessed to be able to share with our neighbors the Good News and we saw some of them accept the truth and believe.
Thank you, Dear Father, for the Good News that is Jesus Christ, your son. Please open up our eyes to the people around us who need to hear this Good News.

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