I was slapped in the face with a truck load of dishonesty last week. Unbelievable. Surprising. Unwanted.
Reading Proverbs 11: 5-6 felt like balm to my burned soul. God’s words explain how the godly want to be honest while the wicked fall flat under their heavy load of sin.
Meditating on this turned my anger at the dishonest mess into compassion for people who are so lost under the weight of all of their sin. They are trying to carry it all by themselves and this makes them bitter and angry and untrustworthy.
Meanwhile, I have a Savior who has forgiven all of my sin already and loves me enough to die for me. His spirit lives inside of me giving me hope and peace and love enough to see the darkness that my ‘enemies’ are entrapped in.
Dear Father, I pray for all of the people around us who are still lost in the darkness of sin and who are so loaded down that they do bad things to others. Please help them find your light and your love.

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