The Donkey Talks!

Oh, wow!  Balaam’s Donkey!

This was one of my kid’s favorite Bible stories when they were younger.  We had a book with great pictures and simple Bible stories which my children loved to hear.

A talking Donkey doesn’t take alot of imagination when you’re a kid.  I think most kids are just waiting for animals to talk – it’s going to happen… just have to believe!

And kids have no problem believing that the donkey was the smart one.  Balaam didn’t see or wouldn’t see…but the donkey saw the angel right away.  Kids know how distracted adults are so they’re not surprise Balaam is so slow at catching up to the donkey.

Wouldn’t it be great for God to use animals to get our attention today?  I could see my grandpuppies running up with a message for me from God.  Scout would say something like “Hey, Mimi, God has been trying to get your attention but it hasn’t been working.” in his little Jack Russell voice.  And then Heisman’s deep Rottweiler voice would rumble in with “Yah, we have a message for ya’.  I would definitely pay attention AND I’d tell you all about it later 🙂

Dear Father, we know you have things to tell us so we’re paying attention.  It would be fun to have a conversation with a donkey, but please help us be more available and open to you so that you don’t have to do anything that radical to get our attention.

What do you think?

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