When ‘Wait’ becomes ‘Yes’

God never ignores us.

He always listens to our prayers.

And he always answers.


Sometimes his answer is yes.

Sometimes it is no.

And sometimes it’s ‘wait’.

So often with us, the only answer that ‘counts’ is yes.  When God answers our prayers with a ‘yes’, we feel like he listened.  Because he’s doing what we asked.  I call this the ‘Santa Claus’ syndrome.  We’re treating God like Santa Claus with our lists of requests.  We know we’ve been good so we’re expecting him to do the things on our list.  If the answer isn’t an immediate ‘yes’, we wonder if he’s ignoring us.

Meanwhile, he has probably already answered us with a ‘no’ or a ‘wait’. 

I hate the ‘wait’ answer, don’t you?  I’m not good at waiting…for anything…especially something I want to happen….especially something that I really think should happen right now……and then I remember I’m not God.  I’m not in control.   And I believe that God has the best planned for me…..so, I’ll wait for his timing.  I’m sure it will be better than my timing.  It’s just that waiting is hard.

I just experienced this in a BIG way this week.  God knew I was writing about this so he decided to give me a GREAT example 🙂  The church we’re attending is hosting  a trip to the Holy Land and about 2 months ago I heard a strong message from God that he wanted me to go on this trip.  It’s part of the ‘fresh wind’ that he’s blowing through my life as we all take this Journey through the Bible together.

I discussed this with my husband who wisely pointed out that our bank account is still in recovery mode from our daughter’s wedding last year.  The timing is not good.  I regretfully agreed but continued to wonder why I felt that this was something God wanted me to do.  So I talked with God about it.  If he wanted this to happen, I needed him to show me how.   And I waited.  Just last week I mentioned to a friend of mine that nothing was happening so the timing was probably just not right yet.

Then this week I won a big award at work – an award I didn’t even know I had been nominated for.  It was a huge honor!  The award came with a check and – you probably guessed it – the check equals the cost of the Holy Land trip.  

I think it’s a special blessing when a  ‘wait’ answer from God becomes a ‘yes’ – it’s so obvious.  This reminds me once again that God is working things out for my good – while I wait….when it looks like a ‘no’.

So I’m signing up for the Holy Land trip and I’m really excited to see what God has planned!

And I’d really like to be a better  ‘waiter’ next time I don’t get an immediate ‘yes’.

Dear Father, I know there will be a next time.  A next time where I need to be reminded of your faithfulness to me.  A next time where I need to be reminded of your promises to me of  love, hope and joy.  Please help me remember….next time.

What do you think?

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