It’s a Trap

Lending money to someone can become a trap.

You lend it to them wanting to help them out but then it often becomes a source of conflict in your relationship.  After you’ve lent someone money, suddenly you notice how they really aren’t very good at handling money.  They are buying things and going places instead of paying you back.  It becomes a ‘no win’ situation.

My husband and I got into that situation a couple of times before we did a financial Bible study and read Luke 6:15.  As always, God nailed it!  When we changed our perspective and ‘gave’ the money away, we never got into this negative situation again.

When we ‘gave’ the money away, we weren’t expecting it to be paid back so we had no reason to watch how they were spending any of their money.  We gave it to them and we hoped it would help but we didn’t need to start watch-dogging their finances.  Our relationship with them was fine because we did what we thought we needed to do – we weren’t expecting anything in return. 

 I think this attitude is what Luke is referring to in this verse when he talks about ‘truly acting as children of the Most High.”  Getting into arguements about money with family and friends does not reflect well on our Father God and hurts our witness to them.

Another good part of this is it made us do some extra thinking up front on the request.  We had to be willing to ‘give’ the money to them.  If it was too much or we didn’t feel like God was asking us to help this person, it was easier to say no.  I know this kept us from making several bad decisions in this area.

It’s interesting, too.  We adopted this attitude but we never told anyone we lent money to that they didn’t need to pay us back.  Generally, we believe that people asking for loans should pay it back and we didn’t want to reinforce any bad habits that they may have.   When we started mentally ‘giving’ the money away, we always got it paid back – without ever asking for it back.

Maybe God was blessing the fact that we would give our money away to help someone else?

Dear Father, we are so grateful for all of the many blessings you have given us.  We ask you to continue  to nurture a giving spirit within us.

What do you think?

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