Our Child’s God-sized Hole

It’s clear that God thinks it’s the job of Christian parent to teach their children about God.  In Deuteronomay 11, he tells us to teach our children about the truth in the scriptures all of the time – when we are at home or travelling, when we’re going to bed and when we’re rising.

All of the time.

It’s great to bring our children to church and Wednesday night programs and Vacation Bible School and youth groups.  That’s all good.

But it isn’t a substitute for parents being serious about spiritually training their children. 

I’ve been amazed lately at all of the programs and paraphernalia being sold to parents who want to potty-train their child.  Don’t get me wrong – potty training is important 🙂  Do we take the spiritual training of our children as seriously?  Or do we generally abdicate that responsibility to others?

The scariest part of this is – if we don’t fill the God-sized hole in our children with the truth, it leaves them wide open to whatever false teaching comes their way.  Why not believe in evolution if you’ve never been taught the truth?  I will never forget the eye-opening discussion I had with my daughter when she came home extremely confused because her teacher was teaching  evolution.  My daughter knew it wasn’t true and this was the first time she came face -to-face with the fact that teachers were not always right.  It was good – it was time for her to be more discerning about what she was being told.

She knew that evolution wasn’t true because she had already taught the truth – by her parents.

Dear Father, we want to take this responsibility of training our children and our grandchildren more seriously – please guide us in teaching them your truth.

What do you think?

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