I am a Persistent Widow!

She knocks on the unjust judge’s door once and waits. There is no answer so she knocks again. The judge ignores her, hoping she’ll go away because he has no interest in her. But she knocks again, she doesn’t give up. She wears him down with her constant requests and the judge finally decides to give her justice just so that she’ll go away and stop bugging him.

This crooked judge gave her justice because she persisted.

How Much More our heavenly father has for us if we persist?  The unjust judge gave into the widow’s consistent pleas even though he cared nothing about her.  Our God loves us and he wants the best for us.  So How Much More peace, understanding, love, wisdom and guidance will he give us if we will persist in asking and never give up?

This has become one of my favorite stories in the Bible because it changed my daily, hourly response to concerns and issues in my life.  I have become the persistent widow.  I bring whatever it is to God every time it comes into my mind….over and over.  Family concerns, money issues, time crunches, health questions, relationship struggles, work worries, world crisis’, fear of the future….all of it.  I knock on God’s door and just keep knocking,  And he always answers with whatever I need at the time.  He covers me with a blanket of peace.  He shines a new ray of hope in my heart.  And he reminds me of his faithfulness, his power and his love for me.

Thank you, dear Father!

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