Fickle People

Ruled by their emotions. Following the crowd. Praising and singing and shouting blessings to the same man they  would scream ‘Crucify him’ for in less than a week.

Looking back on this week in history, we can see how God let the Evil One spread his lies and influence Jesus’ followers so that God’s ultimate purpose of Christ’s death on the cross could be accomplished. The Pharisees thought they were finally going to win but actually they were just Satan’s soldiers, letting the King of Lies work through them to accomplish HIS purpose.

Are we ever fickle like the Isrealites? Faithful one day and doing our own thing the next? Doing everything we can to control the world and then wondering why God has permitted us to experience the consequences of those decisions? Praising him on Sunday while focusing on our own agenda on Monday through Saturday? 

Do you think Satan is happy when we’re off track and open to his tricks?

Dear Father, we are soooo grateful that you loved us enough to send your son…even when we’re being fickle people.

What do you think?

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