Choose Today!

Joshua has fearlessly led the Israelites into Promised Land and God has kept all of his promises about giving them the land.  Joshua is now preparing them to continue after his death and he’s telling them they need to choose.

Their ancestors had had many gods at different times and the previous tenants of the Promised Land also had many gods and idols – it was all around them.  Their culture did not embrace one God – the whole idea was unusual.

In true ‘great leader’ fashion, Joshua role-models the right choice by telling everyone that he has made this choice for himself and his family and he is choosing to serve the Lord.

The question for us today is the same – have we chosen what or who we are going to serve?  Have we made that decision for our families?  And are we leading the way, living in the way that we would want our children to imitate?

As for me and my family…..what?

What do you think?

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