A Fresh Wind

John tells us the story of a Jewish leader, Nicodemus, who comes to talk to Jesus after dark one evening.

We know why he went after dark, don’t we?  He didn’t want to be seen.  He was one of ‘them’ – the people who were threatened by Jesus, the people who were looking for the right time to kill Jesus.

But maybe not.   Nicodemus says that he knows Jesus has been sent by God and that there is plenty of evidence that God is with him.  When Jesus talks to Nicodemus about being born again, like a good politician Nicodemus immediately starts splitting hairs about how this was impossible.  Really?  He had just said that he had seen God do many wonders through Jesus.

Nicodemus wanted to believe but he had big things in his life that were holding him back.  He had position and traditions and people’s expectations of him that had him closing his mind and closing his heart to the fresh wind of God’s spirit that the Holy Spirit could give birth to in his life.

I never realized before that Jesus was talking to Nicodemus when he said John 3:16.  The whole Gospel in one verse!

And Nicodemus missed it!  He walked away!  I’ve always wondered if Nicodemus may have been part of the thousands of people who believed later after the resurrection when the disciples started their ministries.  How could a smart man like him have an interaction like he had with Jesus and not be changed? 

Dear Father, please help us open up our lives to the work of your Holy Spirit.  We don’t want to miss anything!

What do you think?

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