Sometimes we harvest….

and sometimes we water and sometimes we plant.  It really depends on what the Holy Spirit is guiding us to do.  He does all of the work through us- we just have to be faithful.

In John 4, Jesus is telling the disciples to go out and harvest what they didn’t plant.  Others had done the planting and watering because that was what they were supposed to do.  Now the disciples needed to wake up and look around at all of the fields ripe for harvesting.

This reminds me of two stories about harvesting souls from other’s work.  My husband, Dave, has the gift of evangelism and was once on team from our church which would set up appointments to go talk with new visitors to our church.  Sometime during the conversation, they would ask the people they were visiting where they were on their spiritual journey.  More than once, the people would say that they were really interested in knowing more about Jesus and they wanted to take the step to become a believer.  Dave said they didn’t have to say anything — they were there and the field was ripe for harvest.

I also had a situation where a woman who worked for me told me she wanted to have Jesus in her heart.  We were doing her annual review and I happened to mention something about Promise Keepers – my husband may have been out-of-town at one of the events.  She asked more questions about it and ended up telling me she was ready to believe.  Ripe for harvest.

We just have to be faithful in our witness for Christ.  Sometimes we plant, sometimes we water and sometimes we get to harvest.

Thank you, God, for using us in the spiritual journeys of people around us.  Please help us to be faithful witnesses.

What do you think?

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