Checking In…..

on your journey. Several of you are faithfully taking this journey with me and I’d love to hear what God has been saying to you and what he is doing in your life through our reading of his word.

I’ve got to share one of the very spectacular things God has done so far in my journey.  Around February our pastor mentioned in church that he and his wife are planning to host a tour to Israel in October and he hoped people would sign up to go with them because it would ‘change your life’.  I smiled because going to Israel is definitely on my bucket list and  I want to go some day.  Right at that moment, it was like God tapped me on the shoulder and told me I was supposed to go this year.  Really?  And it was very clear to me that it was part of what God wants to do in my life as part of my journey through the Bible.

I picked up the brochure about the trip and there was a sentence that said ” This experience will change how you read the Bible for the rest of your life”.  Yup, part of the journey.  I shared what was going on with Dave, my husband, and he reminded me that the timing for going this year was really bad because our bank account is still in recovery mode after our daughter’s wedding last year.   I reluctantly agreed that he was right but why was I hearing this from God?

So I asked God to show me if this was a plan for now or for the future.  If it was for now, I asked him to show me how this was supposed to work financially.

Every time I thought about it, I would pray…and nothing happened.  Except I still had a strong sense that this was supposed to happen this year.  I had talked to a couple of friends about it and, when they asked me what was up, I told them I was in waiting mode.  It started to look like my timing was off because nothing was happening.

And then I won a big award at work!  YIPPEE!  I didn’t even know I was nominated for it.  And it came with a check.  The minute  I opened the envelope I knew it was from God because it was the amount of the tour!  I wouldn’t have been surprised to see his signature on it!  🙂 He had been working out a plan, I just needed to wait  for it!

Now it was obvious that I was going and I really wanted my husband to go to, too.  He wasn’t convinced UNTIL he met a man he works with who said he went on a trip to Israel and it ‘changed his life’.  When my husband asked him what tour he went on, the man said he went with a church group two years ago.  This  guy who just happens to work with Dave and who just happened to get in a conversation with Dave about Israel and who lives 30 miles away from my church went with OUR church group 2 years ago.  Yup – Dave is supposed to go, too.  So now we’re both signed up!

It’s very evident that God has some truly amazing things planned for us this year.  The fact that he wants to ‘change our lives’ is coming out loud and clear!

Thank you, Dear God!

What do you think?

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