They Asked for It

The Isrealites just weren’t happy with what they had.  They wanted to be like everyone else.  They wanted a king.

They asked God for a king and he gave them one.  And then he sent thunder and rain down upon them for asking!   Samuel condemned them for their sin and told them that the heavy hand of God would be on them because of their request.

This one scares me a little – how about you?

It makes me want to reconsider what I’m asking God for.

Whatever it is, I don’t really want it if it’s going to bring thunder and rain from God into my life. 

I don’t want it if it displeases God.

I know God tells us in the Bible to pray fervently and specifically and constantly.  Passages like this one have caused me to add the word ‘carefully’ to that list.   I’ve started adding ‘conditions’ onto my prayers such as – if it’s what you want, if this is what you have planned, if this is the right thing for this person, etc.

By saying this, I’m acknowledging that I don’t know what’s best (that’s sometimes a hard one to admit) and I’m asking God to break out his best for this situation.  It works for me – and it keeps me out of the rain 🙂

What do you think?

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