Who is He?

They were trying to trick Jesus into doing something they could put him on trial for.  So they hauled out a woman they had caught in the act of adultury and they mention that The Law of Moses says to stone her.

When they ask Jesus what he had to say about this, he kneels down and starts to write in the dust with his finger.

This is the only mention in the Bible of Jesus doing this.  Interesting!!  And there have been lots of theories about what Jesus wrote.

I wouldn’t be surprised if he wrote something like “Where is the man?”

Because the Law of Moses actually says that both the man and the woman should be stoned.  The religious leaders would know this but, once again, they were twisting the law to suit their situation.  They were sinning.

Jesus called their bluff by telling the one who was without sin to throw the first stone.  Then he stoops down to write again.  Was he writing the man’s name?

The religious leaders began to slip away, one by one – the oldest leaving first.  Did the guilt weigh heavier on the oldest because they had not only sinned but had also led the younger ones into sin?

Jesus shows grace to the woman by not condemning her but she’s not off free – he tells her to stop sinning.  He cares for her and wants her to stop getting herself in these situations. 

Thank you, dear Jesus, for your grace. 

What do you think?

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