Growing his Fungus

Jesus is talking about Satan in John 8 and he calls Satan the Father of Lies.

That is just so spot-on with my experience with Satan.  He takes the truth and twists it so that it sounds like it could ALMOST be true.

It’s the almost that we need to be aware of.

But he entices us with this ‘almost truth’, doesn’t he?  He can make his lies sound so close to the truth in our heads that it doesn’t take much energy for us to rationalize away that last little bit.  We can make it all sound ok in our minds by stretching the truth just a l.i.t.t.l.e bit more.

And then we’re caught in his web.  And now we’re owning his lies.  We might even tell others his lies because we’ve made them all ok in our mind. 

This is one of the huge values of reading God’s word regularly.  By reading and contemplating and applying his Truth to our lives, the lies become very evident.  The rationalizations become a joke because they are so blatantly false when  held up to the light of his Word.  The dark corners of our minds are revealed and Satan has to go somewhere else to grow the fungus of his lies – our mind and hearts aren’t available.

Thank you, God!

What do you think?

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