With Shouts of Joy!

David danced!

He danced before the Lord with all of his might.

He was so full of joy that he forgot to worry about what other people thought and celebrated the return of the Ark of the Lord with all of his heart.

I find this story intriguing because his wife, Michal, judges what she sees and she feels contempt for David. Later, he returns home ready to bless his own family and Michal tells him she is disgusted with his behavior.

She’s trying to make him feel ashamed, she’s trying to make him feel foolish, she’s trying very hard to burst his big bubble of joy.

But he doesn’t back down. He was celebrating for the right reason and he knows it. He can’t control her behavior but he can choose his reaction. And he doesn’t choose guilt or shame – he chooses to worship God with all his heart. And he chooses to let other people see him worship God with all the joy and excitement that he is feeling even though they may not understand.
What’s important is that God understands and approves. That’s all that David cares about.

Dear Father, help us worship you with all of our hearts like David did.

What do you think?

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