Let’s Walk

Visualize Jesus walking through a vineyard with his disciples.  They aren’t ‘getting it’ yet so he decides he’s going to make it as plain as he can using the example of a vine.  I love this illustration of how we are supposed to live our lives as Christ-followers:

Jesus is the vine.

We need to stay attached to Jesus like a branch is attached to the vine.

We don’t produce fruit just like a branch doesn’t produce fruit. 

We bear fruit that Jesus produces through us if we stay attached to him.

Without this strong connection to Jesus, we won’t bear fruit.

God is the gardener.  He prunes branches that bear fruit so they can bear more fruit.  Pruning is often as painful as it sounds. I think we sometimes see pruning as problems in our lives because pruning causes changes in direction – we thought we were going one place but now we need to go somewhere else.  Pruning usually requires a big step of faith because the path ahead is not clear.  Pruning can mean turning away from a good thing in order to move ahead to God’s best for us. 

Being pruned is easier if we stay closely attached to Jesus, too.  He can guide us through the turmoil and help us stay strong in our faith.

So we stay attached, we bear fruit, we obey through the pruning………

And we come to a place of Joy!

Thank you, dear Father!

What do you think?

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