For Us

Jesus is praying in the garden.  He is preparing for a brutal death on the cross for our sins.  He is spending some extra time talking with his Father because he knows that his time of separation is coming.  He dreads that part….more than anything.

He prays for all who will ever believe in him because of the disciple’s message – that’ us!  We have heard about Jesus because the disciples were faithful in sharing their witness of Christ’s life, death and resurrection.

He prays that we will all be one.  I think of this whenever I hear about people putting down other churches just because they do things differently.  If it’s biblical, we can support and encourage them even though we choose to follow Christ in other ways.  The only person who wins when churches pick on each other is Satan.  That’s really sad, isn’t it?

Jesus didn’t want that.  He knows that the world will notice when we put aside our differences and unite in our devotion to Christ.

So he prayed for us then and he prays for us now.

Please give us unity, dear Father!

What do you think?

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