We Almost Never Know

God watches over us….

He stands beside us as a protective shade….

He keeps us from harm…

He keeps watch over us as we come and we go.

Have you ever thought about ALL of the things God has protected you from?  It’s kind of mind-boggling…..because we don’t know.  We don’t know about the car accidents that didn’t happen because God was protecting us.  We don’t know of the disasters that didn’t happen to us because we were under His protective shade.  And we don’t know the heartaches that we didn’t have to experience because God was keeping us from harm.

Then there are other times where God lets us see his protection.  I experienced this when I had 12 blood clots in my lungs that should have kept clotting and 5 doctors told me they should have killed me.  God showed me very clearly that I was not going to die from this.  He protected me and gave me a whole new understanding of his omnipotence from the experience.

Thank you for your protection, dear Father!

2 thoughts on “We Almost Never Know

  1. Carolyn Cates

    You didn’t reference the scripture, but is it by any chance Ps 91?? Been reading and studying it lately and thanking God for all the ways He protects and delivers us when we dwell (abide- John 15…) in the shadow of the Almighty. It’s a good place to park during this season, as some things are coming my way on the personal front. I know God is BIGGER than all of it, so I choose to praise Him!

    1. It’s actually Psalm 121 because we read this same theme over and over in Psalms. Maybe because we need to be reminded? I know I do. Sometimes he calms the storm around us and other times he calms us in the midst of the storm. Both of those are my prayer for you!

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