How the Mighty Fall

We read in 1 Kings about how great Solomon was – he was so wise that people from all over came to ask him questions and were astounded by his answers.  The Queen of Sheba was amazed by his wisdom.  Solomon was immensely rich and powerful.  He had it all.

God made it clear to him that he must not marry foreign women because they would turn his heart away from the Lord.

The wisest man of all time went ahead and married foreign women who turned his heart away from God and cost him his legacy of the kingdom.

What is up with that?  He could have picked any wife he wanted from the Israelites and kept his kingdom.  Where did he go wrong?  Why didn’t he listen?

This just reminds us of how easily we stray.  The wisest man in the world took his eye off the target and he made some fatal mistakes that ended up making him look like a fool.

How easy it is to get caught up in the day.  To get caught up in our own plans..  To start listening too closely to other people and not close enough to God.

Dear Father, we don’t want to stray.  Please keep us close and help us to listen closely to you.

What do you think?

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