The Funny Things

I enjoy the funny things in the Bible because they show the human side of people and add genuine-ness to the stories. In Acts 12 we read about King Herod Agrippa persecuting believers and he put Peter in jail. This is definitely not the funny part because a lot of believers never made it out of jail alive.

But Peter did. An angel sprung him from jail and he went to the home of Mary, mother of Mark, where a bunch of his friends were praying for him. When he knocked, a servant girl came to the door but she was so  shocked and overjoyed to hear Peter’s voice that she ran back to the people who were praying without opening the door –  you just have to smile at that.
No one believed her when she told them that Peter was at the door – they told her she had heard a ghost. (Was this because they didn’t expect to see him alive again?)
Peter kept knocking until they finally answered and they were amazed to see him.
An interesting way to study the Bible is to put ourselves into the story as one of characters and think through what it would have felt like to be that person. Rhoda was the servant girl’s name. I wonder if she ever knew that her name was mentioned in the scriptures? Would she be honored or embarrassed by the telling of this story? Maybe she was so happy that Peter was alive that she didn’t care what was written about her? She probably couldn’t believe she had done that – that’s how I feel when I do something like she did.
She seems very real when we start thinking about her feelings and reactions, doesn’t she?
Because she was very real. Everything in the Bible is real.

Thank you, dear Father, for your revelation to us through your word.

What do you think?

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